Don't be there fool!

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Don't be there fool!

Post by Graaf Statler » Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:41 am

Crownest wrote:Aspiring serious critics be warned. Don't even think about welcoming the help, assistance or sympathy of Wikipedia scumbags, it will only compromise you. Your job is to tell the word how these scumbags get away with what they do, what they are hiding and which bogus critics help them in that effort, as I hope we are doing here (with not one hint of thanks from Gender Desk for that). And certainly don't welcome improvements to Wikipedia, if they are not genuine and long lasting. Unless you want to be known as someone for whom criticism of Wikipedia is secondary to your desire to abuse it for activist purposes, the same way countless other Wikipedia scumbags have.

Don't be there fox hunter, don't be a CU and don't take there risk. Don't help them to sweep the truth under the carpet so Alexander can continuo his luxury life as the best paid troll ever.
Don't listen to TNT who promise to improve the Steward system, it are only words, words words. Don't let you intimidate by bans, (gender) smear campaigns, SanFanBans, letters of knowing nothing lawyers, by nothing. Ask the help from a top lawyer yourself, inform him constant. Because they are a bunch of thieves with the money in there hands, (Nice place to learn English by the way.)
Collect links, copy outside WP, write a blog just like I did, with links and evidences. Substantiate always your claims, then you are complete safe.

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