COP24, Climate Change Conference.

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COP24, Climate Change Conference.

Post by Graaf Statler » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:24 pm

Katherine Maher:
Globalist Katherine Maher

About 12hours ago:
Just landed at DCA and @tmobile thinks I’m in Canada.

5 dec:
Terrifying read about the new normal of California wildfires. Fire tornados.

Really Katherine? Do you know yourself what the most polluting industry in this world is? And what is the use of all that traveling of you => pollution what indirect causes all that wildfires, dear Katherine? And all that other party trips and free holidays of all that Wikipedians on the expense WMF, madam?

Do you want to have the answer? Nothing madam Maher. They are not of any use. You only are destroy the world further with you nobel goals and are doing for real victims of harassment nothing if they are not female. RealIy nothing, except protecting the perpetrators with SanFanBanning me.
I have a certain description for you in my mind, madam, but let I say you are a huge hypocritical opportunist with al your noble goals where you are always talking about. I have learned to be always polite to woman you know.

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