The inbred puddinheads from the WMF

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The inbred puddinheads from the WMF

Post by Graaf Statler » Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:15 am

American fora are the most fantastic place to learn some English, Vigilant just used the word puddinhead in the adieu James, farewell topic on WO.
But there is no better description for them. Puddinheads. Male or female, all puddinheads.

Because that is so interesting about the gender discussion, they replace a male inbred puddinhead for a female inbred puddinhead and think they have solved a problem. But the real problem is not that male or female, the problem is they are puddinheads. It doesn't make any difference if you have Alexander puddinhead or Alexandra puddinhead, a puddinhead is a puddinhead. And there are many, many puddinhead in the wiki world. Being a puddinhead is the norm in the wikiworld to gain power and get high in the organisation with on top of it puddinhead Katherine Maher.

First the male puddinheads have destroyed complete WP, and now female puddinheads finish the job. Everybody is focused on that so called gender gap, but as usual it is replacing one problem by a other. Replacing male puddinheads by female puddinheads.

There is only one keyword in the wiki world, replacement. Replacing idiots for even bigger idiots. Replacing crap editor for even worser editors. Replacing male puddinheads by female puddinheads. The never ended replacement is the reason every wiki project ends up in a astonishing dead spiral whit a loud playing Titanic orchestra. Fuckt checkerssss! Mouvement strategy 2030! Wikicon2018, Wikipedia is meer! (Wikipedia is more, the slogan of WMNL this year) A wiki system can't improve because it collects puddingheads who are forming the majority at they end, male or female, it doesn't make any difference. Vig is right, it is a proces of inbred of pudding heads.

And at the end, if the iceberg is gets in sight the orchestra starts to play louder and louder, till the inevitable crash. And than all puddinheads are in the ice-cold sea, and I doubt if Twitter is willing to take them all in there house just like they did with puddinhead James Alexander.

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