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About Dutch idioms and Dutchies in general and there madness

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:54 pm
by Graaf Statler
I was thinking about this topic for a longer time because I like to tell you more about Holland inside. Why? Because the whole world loves the post stamp Holland, but have no clou about it. Holland is world-famous for it's tulips, Rembrand, the red light district in Amsterdam and it's windmills but there is so much more to explore and to tell about my country. And let me be your guide.

At first, the word Holland is not correct. The correct word is Nederland, The Netherlands because Holland is just a part of Nederland. You have Friesland, Limburg, Brabant, Zeeland etc., and ....... Holland. Noord- en Zuid Holland to be more exacte. But, most times if we say Holland we mean The Netherlands. And I strongly recommend to watch this video's made by a American guy about Holland if you want to learn more about us, the Dutchies and our weird habits.

Survival Guide to the Dutch

So, this is my first posting in my Holland topic and I start with this topic of madam gender. Because you can find a few nice idioms and Dutch facets in it.

Dutch Wikipedia fails the global Wikimedia survey

In madam Gender here topic you find the word "Zeikwijf". Well, it is a combination of two words out of the vulgar tongue. Wijf, wijven, what is a woman, woman in the vulgar tongue and zeik, zeiken, what is doing a pee. And some creative soul has combated this words to zeikwijf long ago. A pissing woman, a woman who whine. A, daar heb je dat zeikwijf alweer, A, again that whining woman. And the pee-lady's have adopted that word. Because they are right, there are far too few public lady toilets in Holland, that is simple true. But it is not a big item. it is a fact we all know the problem but we have no good solution technical.
And where is the English translation for the “Plaskrul” article? What exactly is this abomination?

Well, plas, plassen is doing a pee. And a krul is a crul. like the a curl in your hair. We put it together like we do with all words, we don't separate words like in English and than you have the word plaskrul.
A recent comment here points to the global WMF office ban of a particular individual from the Dutch wiki. Small groups and small wikis can be particularly vulnerable to even limited disruption. If the problem is just one person, perhaps they can recover.

About WP-NL I don't know, but at least I can recover after years and years of dealing with complete bloody fools and mental disabled persons and self declared pudding head wiki managers, that is for sure. And, I told it many times before, that rare SanFanBan makes me still soooo feeling proud. And, it save me lots and lost of time, time I can use to finnish my train project for instance what need desperate a update here.

And these figures about WP-NL made absolute clear James Alexander and his Safety & Trust department where worth every donor dollar and they did a great job by SanFanBanning me. And that is the good news isn't it, because it is a absolute win-win-win situation. It made me happy, it made WP-NL happy, and it made WMF happy, in short, it made everybody happy.
And for the rest they can fuck themself or each other with there complete Dutch Trollopedia and walk to the hell with it. and if they will be so kind take there atshit crazy WMF with them back home to America it would be absolute fantastic. Just get out of my eyes and keep your fucking WMF and Trollopedia back home in the States if you Americans like it so much.

And for the rest, let's talk about real nice and interesting things about Holland. Madam gender made a good start with here posting about peeing women.

Re: About Dutch idioms and Dutchies in general and there mad

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 9:18 am
by Graaf Statler
I just read my forum friend Vig wants to make a trip to central Europe in the hidden sector and he wants tips.

I'll be in Budapest in October/November for a week and then I'll have a week to spend travelling.
I've got a car and I fly back out of Budapest, so not having a 10 hour drive back would be preferable.

I've been all over Romania, so Vienna and Bratislava were what I was thinking of doing.
Then I started looking at Croatia, Slovenia and Trieste.

Any of you miscreants spent time in southeast Europe and have some strong opinions?

Jake wrote:The only person I ever knew who had been to both Vienna and Bratislava told me that Bratislava was "more beautiful," but there are fewer people there who speak English.

I was in Vienna once about 30 years ago, but I was on one of those cheap bus tours so I didn't really get to see much of it.

I realize that I'm not being especially helpful...

First of all, Jake is complete richt, Bratislava is much nicer than Vienna. In general are ALL europeans capitals and touristic attractions places to avoid with absolute top ranking Amsterdam and Venice. I should skip Treiste, there are nicer places. East Europe is still more quite but also slowly changing in one big lunapark and English is nowadays spoken anywhere by the young people in Europe. ... 62a23%252f

My golden tip for Vig is don't book hotels in European capitals and don't drive with your car in to it. Find some place just outside a city where is a railway station and take the train and leave expensive stuff in the safe or your hotel there. Because hotels and Airbnb's are one big disaster and parkings are outside the centre and cost a fortune in European city's. Often you have to walk a kilometer with your luggage or to the centre but railroad stations are always in the centre. And you mis hundreds of traffic lights.
Don't go early in the morning to touristic attractions because at that time all the busses with half Azia arrive, one hour clock is so much better.

Look for alternatives, I said it before, Dordrecht, Maastricht and Groningen have almost the same to offer as Amsterdam but don't have the big name. Don't let you blind yourself by De Nachtwacht and Het Anne Frankhuis, because you stand hours and hours in line for a glimpse of one minute. And two weeks is very short, I should not try to see as much as I can because otherwise you see only the European highways. And leave the car from time to time and have a walk in the European style.