Fuzzymodem is goin' to jail boo hoo

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Fuzzymodem is goin' to jail boo hoo

Post by ericbarbour » Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:17 am

https://www.dangerous.com/38196/male-fe ... ies-women/
“It’s hard for me, because, of course, I’m kind of in a terrible situation,” Weixelman said, adding that he wanted to serve his time in a Kenai prison and return to produce concept art professionally. He published his Star Trek-themed work on DeviantArt under the name “fuzzymodem.”

The convicted pedophile, who also held an account on SomethingAwful by the same nickname (as reported on the SomethingSensitive forums), considers himself an ardent feminist. He told the court that he believed he could help prisoners learn to treat women with more respect, and lectured the court on problematic content in sci-fi.

He wasn't just a user on SomethingAwful, he was a moderator on SA. That fuckin' place is crawling with guys like this.

Which coincidentally reminds me of one Aaron Nadler. Also an SA moderator, a dedicated Wikipedian, and also had a Deviant Art account.....from the book wiki:
One of Something Awful's moderators and heaviest users, Aaron "Aatrek" Nadler, was "outed" on a forum run by banned SA members, dedicated to exposing SA abuse, on 21 October 2013. (Something Awful is notorious for its "libertarian" tendencies, for its occasional misogyny, and for the hostile and paranoid behaviour of its regular members and moderators.)
• Aaron had been editing Wikipedia since 2007, under the name "Aatrek". Since he's a stereotypical Star Trek fan, most of his WP editing was (of course) on Star Trek articles. Plus, he had a "strange" obsession with the Jerry Sandusky case.
• The kicker: young Aaron was sent to prison in 2007. For molesting a little girl. Apparently as soon as he got out in 2009, he started grinding Wikipedia like a mad robot.
• Three days after that expośe was posted, Aaron was quietly banned from Wikipedia forever. There was no public discussion, and no reason was given.
• And yes, he had a Deviant Art account. Where he was apparently posting sexual photos of underaged girls. Those photos were deleted quickly after the expośe ran.
• He also had a Reddit account, which has been deleted. Plus Twitter and YouTube and Flickr accounts. All quickly obliterated.
• This story has not been mentioned in tech media at all. However, a 2005 Macleans report pointed out something the Toronto sex-crimes unit had noticed, a frequent connection between pedophiles and Star Trek fandom.

I should mock Lowtax more often. He's like David Gerard: inherently ridiculous.

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