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Re: RC garden trains and other Statler bullshit

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 7:11 pm
by Graaf Statler
Anyway thanks for the music, lovely Madam. That is what I needed, I am SICK AND TYRED of this kind of idiots. Latterly sick and tired. Can you imagine?
They can all fuck off to the moon for me.

And that love part was something I was thinking also about. Mabye yes, maybe no. i have learned a incredible lot, It is a balans, and I still can't say to witch side it is going. But if I know you are the first one I tell..

By the way, do you like my newest toy train, madam? Woman seldom like toy trains you know. Strange, but it is.
They likje dolls like you, dolls houses but no toy trains.

Love and kisses.

Re: RC garden trains and other Statler bullshit

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 8:24 pm
by Graaf Statler
And no, I don't think it are Barbour’s machines in your video's, but he can better tell him himself, It seems to me 100% Digital.

But Bird on a Wire, wasn't it? When the electric came in Hydra where Cohen was living with his Norway sweetheart. Did you ever see this video, Madam?

Greece, before they complete fucked it up with useless concrete, useless abandon lousy holiday homes. Without all shitty supermarkets who have all that nice little shops fade away. They have destroyed the complete Greek culture with there shitty Euro, madam. Complete!
This video, back then in the eighties and nineties that was Greece. When Greece was still Greece.

And please lets talk about other things as long here are walking fucking wiki believers in the place. I simple can't stand them anymore, they must all just fuck off here!
The bridges between us are really on fire, madam.

Re: RC garden trains and other Statler bullshit

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 10:45 pm
by Graaf Statler
Wlliie Nelson was indeed very helpful.

But this was the best one in my opinion.

Re: RC garden trains and other Statler bullshit

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 8:05 am
by Graaf Statler
2 thoughts on “Sucks sings”

Midsize Jake
SEPTEMBER 25, 2019 AT 2:55 AM
Leonard Cohen has always been famous for using cheap keyboards, at least on tour – the one in both videos is a Technics K300 (with the word “Technics” either washed off or covered in black tape), which used to retail for something like $300. Supposedly he’s also used Casio keyboards in the past as well, which would make him just about the only famous pro musician in the world to do so, at least since the good ol’ CZ-101 days (i.e., early-to-mid ’80s).
Barbour’s stuff is totally high-end and tube-driven – it’s all etc., and I don’t think he’s ever sold an actual keyboard, though I think he does make a couple of modular analog synths (including some Eurorack gear, for extra $$$) and at least one tube-driven tone generator unit – also very pricey. IIRC, his F***ing F***er guitar amp, which might arguably be considered his “flagship product,” goes for about $6,000 or more – assuming you can even cajole him into making you one.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2019 AT 4:40 AM
I thought I saw an interview about it once, but Cohen’s old fan boards are a mess now, 1heckofaguy doesn’t even exist anymore, cohencentic is still up but inactive etc, I found this and this ... hen-sounds
I have long thought about doing a BLP on Barbour. He is an interesting character but he would never be able to pass WP’s arcane rules for inclusion, and of course I have always admired his devotion to vacuum tubes. Obviously if he was female I would have written about him already, but so far I haven’t found a way to work it into my gender theme.

Wonder if he has ever sold one of those things.

Eric is doing about the same work as I do/did. Building high end hand-wired, on-demand, custom stuff, those fucking trains are only to get ride of the left overs and because I like it.
One remark, hand-wired, on-demand, custom build stuff seems expensive, but isn't. It is a lot of money, yes, for sure, but if you should count all your hours in a commercial way it should be much more expensive.

All those specialised costume made hand wired and hand build firms have a hobby element. Funny we both work with out dated stuff, he with vacum tubes and I with most times analoog stuf from the eighties. Both hand wired. Wonder if his working place is just a mess as mine.


Re: RC garden trains and other Statler bullshit

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:56 pm
by Graaf Statler
As promised to explane madam Gender why the Tower Song is about losing in general and not only about a love for a woman.
Yes, it can be about a woman but also for any lost in your live. It can be your job you lost, your health, anything, even Wikipedia.

But this song is specific about the lost of the love for a woman and a last farewell to her, madam.
It is a song about the love for Marianne at the end of Cohens life. His Norway sweetheart Mariana with who he spend ten years on the Greek island Hydra when they where young. It contains many greek elements like the Bouzouki and a East Europe style violin.

This a complete different song madam. And also the element love in it is in a different context. You can love your house, your car, your job, Wikipedia, why not, but the love for a man for a woman is something total different, madam.

Re: RC garden trains and other Statler bullshit

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 4:17 am
by The End
BBC News: Dutch tractor protest sparks 'worst rush hour'

Re: RC garden trains and other Statler bullshit

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 6:08 am
by Graaf Statler
It is the old story, isn't it? Who is gonna pay and everybody has the opinion no he, but his neighbour.

The life of farmers in Holland is far from the romantic pickture people have from Dutch farmers. In most farmer families man and woman have a normale (parttime) job beside the farm to pay the bills. Or have a camping a farmer shop because living only from the money a farm makes is often not posible.

And we have a government with very ambitious plans to stop the climate change. But who is gonna pay all those green plans, that's the question. Or not, because as I told you before, that is very clear, not me but my neighbour.

The worst of all these plans is they are very, very green but will help............ almost nothing. Because if all this expensive plans will be realised in the poststamp called Holland and are implanted it will hardly have any mondeal affect. And the farmers have the feeling they are the ones who have to pay the bill of the green hobby's of a green maffia who is living in there expensive penthouse in the towns and are flying around the world.

And that is the reason for this protests.

Re: RC garden trains and other Statler bullshit

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 5:13 am
by The End
When I think of The Netherlands and farms, I always think of the tulips. I never really thought of the country as having a substantial farming industry. I figured most food would be imported.

In the U.S., our farmers rely heavily on exporting their crops. Now with the trade war with China in addition to climate change, the farmers are starting to suffer. If the farmers suffer, we all suffer.

Re: RC garden trains and other Statler bullshit

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 6:24 am
by Graaf Statler
No, we absolute have a substantial farming industry too with a lot of export.. And a lot of young farmers with very interesting innovations like bio farming and high tech green houses.
Holland, Europe has two big challenges to handle the coming periode. The first one is what we call the energy transition and special who is gonna pay this, and the refugee crises.
And the farmer protest is a part of who is gonna pay, and the solution is as always not I, but my neighbour.

I will post in the further a few pictures of these typical Dutch farms, often with there own little shops.

Re: RC garden trains and other Statler bullshit

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 11:59 pm
by Graaf Statler
This is my newest project.