Logical fallicies

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Re: Logical fallicies

Post by Graaf Statler » Fri Aug 16, 2019 9:07 am

I had a argument with Abd about the Pan American mind setting of the Wikimedia mouvement. But do you think I will ever get a reasonable answer of what I wrote there?

That is your vision. But that is not realistic. A commission of our government has given not long ago the statement there is not any different between a container what enters the harbour of Rotterdam or a internet service. That was in the time of the article 11 13/17 discussion. I am a Dutch civilian of the Kingdom the Netherland, so I have to obey my king. Because our government is governing in his name, and judges are his servants. I don't see any possibility to follow a American perspective without beeing a pirate or a anarchist. Do you?

This is strikt logical. But still was expected from me I had to become a pirate or a anarchist and to follow the insane pirate vision of the Dutch community. What I have simple refused. Result: T&S booted me out with a SanFanBan.

The only possibility not to get blocked or to be accepted had been to follow the wrong Romaine and mainstream vision. But I was complete right the past ten years. You can find that back back in the words of the high places MEP Alex Voss and the result of the voting in the Euro Parlement. Governing by shitstorm he has said. I was simple all the time right and anyone else in the wiki mouvement was wrong,.

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