Stoned around hopping monkeys

Editors, Admins and Bureaucrats Oh my!
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Stoned around hopping monkeys

Post by Graaf Statler » Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:31 am ... 50#p247027

Jake, will you please be so kind to come one moment out of that tree, sit down, chill out and have a cold turkey and get clean? And listen?

There are two matters.

*Laura Hale, and the in general complete useless GLAM projects. (Chaptercrap)
*The FramBan. (Eurocrap)

This is not about Laura Hale specific. What you write down and others you can write about almost ever GLAM project, Wikipediaen in Residence or Chapter project to attract new users. They are in general complete useless and contra productive.
The chapter projects are a subsidised magnet for crap users. If a editor fails on WP like for instance Romaine, (beaten now knock out by a gender chick) James Alexander (promoted to Twitter), Jan Eissfeldt and many, many others pieces of total crap there is always the way up in the form of a wiki carrier in the Chapters.
You can even end up on the top of the pyramide, take for instance those James Alexander and an Eissfeldt.

Eissfeldt was a dumped user by the German WP, went to a few German beergarten meetings in Munich and is now the Lead Manager of Support and Safety of the restructured Trust and safety team. That is how WMF gets filled up with crap. As good user you will never, never make a wiki carrier because you are considered as a troll.
Katherine Maher is the same story, she was a woman out of one of the chapter without any qualification, she discovered the possibility's of algoritmes, and is now the first algoritmes CEO of this world with doing really nothing except traveling around the world. She is just the advanced Wiki career maker, like so many.

But Fram is just a other matter. Fram is a piece of rond floating Eurocrap shit in the sewers of Wikipedia. But, that has nothing to do with the crap Chapter career makers in the same Wiki sewer. So, you have two forms of crap in the wiki sewers you guys mix up all the time. Although there is often an overlap

You have:

*Floating around Chaptercrap.
*And floating around Eurocrap.

I don't judge if Laura Hale belongs to one of this groups for the simple reason I know nothing about her. But, the FramBan is about Eurocrap and not about Chaptercrap. Something to notice, Jake.

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