Editors, Admins and Bureaucrats Oh my!
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Post by CrowsNest » Fri Sep 21, 2018 1:36 pm

A rare thing, an editor banned for six months by ArbCom, has actually returned post ban. Even rarer, he seems a reformed character, although it is early days, a mere week to be precise. And he is still under an indefinite 1RR restriction.

Isn't that a nice fuck you to all those people who claim there's no point in blocking people like Joe? That you just have to accept who they are if you want their encyclopedia edits. The relatively lenient sentence of six months might have had something to do with it. Long enough to show they're serious, without making him lose all hope.

Wikipedia is still doomed, because this sequence of events is really out to the ordinary as far as their idea of good governance goes. Ordinary editors, the exact people affected by the toxic presence of people like Joe, had to fight ridiculously hard to even get a case accepted against him, ArbCom in their wisdom (or to be more accurate, corruption) already declining one previously, which allowed Joe to continue to be who he so obviously was for several months more.

If Joe really is a reformed character, if the fear of an even longer sentence should he step out of line again is what it has taken to ensure basic policy compliance, then that rather means that every person who fought hard to prevent justice being served, is an Enemy of Wikipedia.

It's worth noting that when it came time for the assorted scum of Wikipedia to realise they had backed a loser, Administrator Ritchie333 stood alone as the last holdout who still saw no reason to eventually accept a case. He had, characteristically of course, not even bothered to avail himself of the particulars of the request. He just knew in his heart that Joe was good people, and there are articles to be written, goddamnit.

That's a real enemy of Wikipedia right there. Ritchie333 is still free to roam about Wikipedia doing what he does (most recently letting people off 1RR breaches because they happened yesterday and so are stale!), because the community has a very long record of being utterly incapable of identifying who the real enemies within actually are.

They think it's us! I didn't create Joe, he's not my sock, I can't take credit for all the damage he did to Wikipedia, all the edits and editors lost because people not being paid just don't want to be around pricks like that, especially not when it seems they have the protection of the Administrator class.

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