That SanFanBan really makes me sóóó feeling proud!!

Editors, Admins and Bureaucrats Oh my!
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That SanFanBan really makes me sóóó feeling proud!!

Post by Graaf Statler » Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:02 pm

The Adversary wrote:Or just the fact that people (read vandals) can still register an account, and without making a single edit they can email anyone who has their email enabled....[url]JarlaxleArtemis (T-C-L)[/url] used to send hundreds in a minute or two (he used a script). Presently they have a limit (I think half a dozen) ..but that is still half a dozen too many, when the content is about how you will be raped and killed.

My 2 cents: James Alexander has showed himself more incompetent even than the Visual Edit group, now, that takes some doing!

Vigilant wrote:These are such sad, sad salary numbers.

No equity upside just makes it suck that much worse.

God damn.

Indeed, these are such a sad, sad salary numbers, 130k for just trolling a bit around. But this happens so often in WMF and the chapters, cockaigne jobs are extreme populair there. Alexander is no incident and no exception. He is or was just one of the many.
If you mangage it to SanFanBan a older Dutchman who wrote some articles about old and and long forgotten Dutch professors, Dutch windmills and Greek politics who did only a few edits day on the complete abandoned wikiquote and not users like this, yes, than you are incompetent. Xterm incompetent. But he is absolute a good cook.

My 2 cent: It is een gevalletje wegpromoveren. To promote someone to get ride of him. This move is to save face, because fighting harresment is one of the key goals of WMF. At the moment everybody is Alexander forgotten for sure Twitter kicks him just out.

But Jackass, tarantino and the gender lady are from exacte the same level as Alexander with there Wikiperdiocrazyban en GanderDeskban. It is all about the same, it is all gaslighting.
AndrewForson wrote this about it:

AndrewForson wrote:It's called gaslighting, and it's a popular tactic on some parts of the internet. Simply deny what is blatantly true, even in the teeth of evidence on the same screen as your denial. It's astonishingly hard to believe that someone is telling barefaced lies and so the reader tends to rationalise it away: cognitive dissonance kicks in, and readers process the contradiction in terms of who they believe rather than what they can see.

It is a technique for consolidating and increasing the user's power and influence. There's a handy popular description here.

It is of course extreem goedkoop, cheap to blame Alexander -or Jimmy- for a complete failing system. And I really don'd know if James is really sure a jerk, if he was a cook somewhere I think he was a dammed good one and just a nice guy. That is what I think. I absolute don't dislike him with his kitty video's, his sister's Christmas and his cooking. I hope he opens a restaurant of the money has made one day, if I am ever in California for sure I will visited it! James place would be a good name James. And mix a bit Mediterranean trough your cooking, that would be great!

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Re: That SanFanBan really makes me sóóó feeling proud!!

Post by CrowsNest » Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:54 pm

The Adversary would not have the first clue how to fix the issues she is complaining about. And as Wikipedian, she obviously never factors into these things the horrific experience it is to work in a place where Wikipedians are your customers and the Wikipedia software ecosystem is your tool. Anyone with a brian would not accept any amount of money to undertake such a task. The people dumb enough to work for the WMF, would cause chaos in a heartbeat if they even attempted it.

And why should they even attempt it? Why is that one issue something that the generally accepted method of Wikipedia management - a volunteer noticing something and acting on it after the event - is considered insufficient? Why is Oswah deserving of pre-emptive software based protection, when the real people impacted by Wikipedia vandalism who never even accepted the premise that they should be targets, are not?

The answer, of course, is because the Wikipedians are selfish creatures, they only ever see the WMF as something that exists to protect them, to service their needs. Their far more important job is to protect the real victims of Wikipedia, the unwitting public. Don't want to be abused for being a Wikipedia editor? Don't be one. That is their attitude to so many problems that have their origin in their poorly managed community, so why does it not apply to this problem?

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