WMF blog and copyright

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WMF blog and copyright

Post by badmachine » Sun Mar 31, 2019 7:30 am

The Gender Desk Blog has two interesting posts about Fae's efforts to make the WMF live up to their alleged devotion to free content:

1) https://genderdesk.wordpress.com/2019/03/29/public-domain-animals/
2) https://genderdesk.wordpress.com/2019/03/28/the-cuteness-association-fae-strikes-again/

The Foundation blog has a section on their main page called "Wikimedians are heroes of free knowledge", which is ironic or hypocritical i guess, given hosting an image that can't qualify for release under a free content license. The main page features three employees and they apparently rotate because when i went to archive the page, a different set of three people were there instead of one in particular, named Christine Meyer. Her profile currently shows an image of Sesame Street figures, and helpfully links to the file location on Commons, which deleted it with the following message:
18:23, 4 October 2018 Ymblanter (talk | contribs) deleted page File:Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase photo op.jpg (per Commons:Deletion requests/File:Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase photo op.jpg) (global usage; delinker log)

... clicking through to the deletion discussion, we discover that it was nominated by an IP because "verstörend". Whatever that means, Ymblanter agreed and closed the discussion "per nomination". Poking around a bit, they also used this image in a blog post.

In any event, i think that Commons is pretty strict about hosting this sort of thing because the figures are licensed/copyrighted/whatever, so it looks like the Foundation blog is hosting an image on their blog (twice) that isn't even allowed by their own projects.

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Re: WMF blog and copyright

Post by Graaf Statler » Sun Mar 31, 2019 9:28 am

"Wikimedians are heroes of free knowledge"

Lets face the facts. Most of it isn't free knowledge at all, and all that protests against the European copyright regulation where organised in the most clumsy way you can imagine.
I mean, I still can't believe how someone can be so stupide to try to lobby in the Europarlement with a not-existing Pirate Party (I can't even vote for them, neither on national level, nor on European level) with a few pirate bay kids and the total uniformed Jullia Read. I still try to understand what they wanted to reach.
Alex Voss is a German lawyer with a complete legal team, and this wikimedia's hero's of freedom only a few autistic gamer kids with a bag filled with money. They didn't know copyright is a national matter, they didn't know how the European politics function and the one who could tell them they tolled out with a SanFanBan. What did they expect? Champagne and flowers for Julia Reda instate of the shit bucket they got over there heads in the Europarlement? What do they think there future will be? A brilliant European future filled up with there "free knowledge"in 2030? Fuck off, bunch of idiots and shitcans.

In the European Parlement are words used as governing by shitstorm and undermining the democracy. And the highest boss (Yes I know, that is Juncker, but let's leave Juncker) Frans Timmermans has support this copyright reform, so it is all over. And a few things to notice for our free source hero's, complete for free.

Copyvio on a large scale is a serious crime in Europe, and America and Europe have a extradition treaty. And don't fear, the EU understand perfect what is going on in Silicon, they know where the cups in the kitchen are and the milk and sugar too. Of course you can try to go on in this way and ignore all the warnings. But is you do so you are a real hero. Because undermining the democracy is the same as undermining our state, and I myself should not want to end ups with this accusation in any courtroom in this world. Not in a American courtroom, not in a European courtroom, not in a Chinese. And undermining is very easy to proof, I can't vote for the pirates IRL, nor for or against the Wiki pirates because I am banned by the foundation.

But of course are European prisons absolute a much better place than the American. But it is not what you should expect from a long, long European stay. And you miss also a lot of European highlights in this way. I mean, OK, you have a television, recreation, sport, social workers, a small liberty, but that is what it is. No internet, no alcohol, some drug seems to be available if you have the right connections but it's risky, the food is not good and not bad, 10 hour clock bedtime. And we have a very unpredictable legal system with very unpredictable judges who do whatever they want within the law. Judges who are really patriots and who are very loyal to there state, just like I am. Our judges pronounce justice in the name of the king, the head of our state you are trying to undermine according to Voss.

Don't fucks us, WMF, don't try to fuck me too. Get lost out of Europe and settle you businesses in a fair way if you want to keep on enjoying your American life. Because otherwise it will change in a European very unpleasant life, I guarantee you. The shit buckets are standing standby for you, it is all up to you with your shitty foundation and remember you are here in the European jurisdiction so no American lawyer or American law can safe you. Try Europe, try it, try us again, and we welcome you in our way. And I guarantee you not with stroopwafels and champagne.

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Re: WMF blog and copyright

Post by CrowsNest » Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:42 am

Not just one photo, but the entire category. Something, something, copyright, something.

Perfect opportunity to expose the idiocy of the cult, completely missed. Why? Because clearly her understanding of copyright is no better than the average Wikipediot. Their arguments to keep in that DR are laughable.

The blog issue is harder to understand, since Melody Kramer was an external hire with no apparent prior links to the cult.


She is, of course, no longer with the WMF, but that is hardly unusual.

Who edits the WMF blog who might catch such issues? Does it even have an editor? Who knows.

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Re: WMF blog and copyright

Post by ericbarbour » Mon Apr 01, 2019 7:18 pm

CrowsNest wrote:Who edits the WMF blog who might catch such issues? Does it even have an editor? Who knows.

Even Wikipedia insiders don't trust or pay much attention to that blog. It is run by a random gaggle of WMF employees, serves as their "Pravda For The Cult", and is even laughed at by other WMF employees.

Copyright is the angry monster no WP cultist wants to address. They know they will lose any major battle against copyright holders and are playing "Mr. Sneaky" games instead. Without Flickr and the Creative Commons license it requires, most of the contents of Wikimedia Commons would have to be deleted. And with EU's "Directive on Copyright blahblah" on the way, I can only imagine how terrified they are.

Don't believe me? Look at the hyper-detailed Wikipedia article about the EU directive. Currently 137k bytes with 184 references. And it has NOT been approved yet. Large parts of it written by Doc James Heilman and Nemo bis, consummate insiders. Yes, it's got their attention!
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Directive ... gle_Market

Wikimedia makes lots of noise about being a "global and polyglot movement", yet various language Wikipedias are censored all to hell by the respective governments or "secret groups" (WikiBilim anyone?) and the WMF continues to be a very America-centric beast. Without the USA-only Section 230 and the First Amendment they would have died horribly in infancy.

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Re: WMF blog and copyright

Post by Graaf Statler » Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:40 pm

And than we have this[17] looking critically at the lobbying from politicians such as Axel Voss. Doc James 07:45, 2 March 2019 (UTC)

And a link to a article of a not-informed journalist. Some shit source what never, never was meant as a source. Just some googled quotes, links, journalistic rubbish. Br.24? Never heard of, something local, properly written in five minutes just for the coffee.

Die Europaabgeordnete Julia Reda (Piratenpartei) sagt: "Das Parlament sollte in seiner Kommunikation Neutralität wahren."

There beloved Juda Reda, what a Joke! A queen without a land, because The Pirate Party is a Hoax! A free beer party what I can't even vote, because they have no registration for the coming European elections! A massive demonstration in the streets of Amsterdam of five middle aged people with silly flags! HA! Where was Romaine=>Wikimedia by the way? Jokers!

Well, I don't understand one patient of Doc james is still alive, because if he study his medical source in the same way he did with article 11 and 13 nobody survive. If you come in with the flue you leaf in a coffin, for sure.
Because Doc James Europe simple doesn't exist! He is mixing up the Russian revolution from 1905 with a normal political proces in the European Parlement. It is complet madness.
Alex Voss a activist! On of the most respected and one of the most important MEP's! We must locking critical at the lobbing from the activist Alex Voss! A middle age lawyer and CDU MEP! This man is a complete lunatic!

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