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The domain that will never die... 
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Zoloft must have woken up from one of his three day naps, he's left this snippet in the wake of their recent outage......
The domain is on autorenew for each year, and I have another party who will pay it if I die or am disabled.
Isn't that fucked up? He must have literally sat down one day and thought, gee, when I die, it is important that the work of Cornpoke T. McGiliguddy is kept online forever. And the collected wisdom of Poetlister (Wikipedia is U.S. centric, WHO KNEW!). And all of Kumioko's tedious fact free whining. And the glorious sight of Ming, Jim, Andy, Anroth, Beebletits, and a whole bunch of other asshole Wikipedians being assholes to people who wrongly assumed Wikipediocracy was meant to be exposing these freaks, not protecting them.

I would be more impressed by his apparent commitment to the cause if the dude hadn't literally already ducked out of the criticism business months ago, if not longer. Seriously, what the fuck even is this shit...... :?: ... mit=Search

You want that unending stream of pointless crap to be your eternal legacy?

Christ knows who the mug is that he got to pony up the green. I'm assuming he made sure the money has been secured in advance? Because I for one would not begrudge whoever it is using it to do something far more useful for humanity, like sponsor a goldfish.

These fucking people. We got this guy writing a domain into his will like he's done the world a favour destroying the site this last five years, we got the site itself being Administered by a manic depressive who spends half his day hiding out in the woods because of Trump, and clearly couldn't care less about serious Wikipedia criticism for the rest of it, and we got a moderator who thinks rummaging through bins to obtain the knicker sizes of random Wikipedians is useful criticism.

Nobody needs or wants a perpetual Wikipediocracy. When the people who killed it eventually die, then it should die too. The legacy they leave, is that their demise will be celebrated more by genuine and serious Wikipedia critics, than by their supposed target, most of whom ceased to give a tiny rat's ass about their site right around the time Zoloft ushered in his new dawn. Not that it was doing too well at the time either, but he really made sure to drive that nail right through that coffin.

Fri Mar 15, 2019 5:11 pm
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What a waste of his money. Because the structural error of Wikipediocrazy is it's a place where people are talking about there one little wiki misery with Kumioko as a lighted example.
I let people judge themself over me and my work. I let them form there one opinion if a SanFanBan was justified and the way I am treaded. And I try to give as much substance with links information about Europe and the Dutch European Wikipedias as I can. Anyone is welcome to ask me questions about it, so again peoplecan form there one opinion. And I don't care what that opinion is, but I /we take our readers serious. Because the rest of the participants here do the same. That is the reason this is a serious critical place and WO a wasting of Zolofts his money.

And special for Kum and a lot of the rest of the Wikipediocracyans, we have a saying in Holland. Often it is printed on a tile hanging on the wall:

Praat maar niet over jezelf, dat doen wij wel als je weg bent.

Don't talk about yourself because we will do that after you have left. It is something to keep in mind.

Mijn blog. (In Dutch) of kom eens gezellig bij de Kolonel langs in Eerbeek.
En kijk eens hier, het "Verboden" lijstje van door mij aangemaakte artiklen.

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The SanBan

Sat Mar 16, 2019 2:49 am
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