Francis Schonken trolls the Wikishits (and so by extension, Wikipedocracy). Maybe?

Editors, Admins and Bureaucrats blecch!
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Francis Schonken trolls the Wikishits (and so by extension, Wikipedocracy). Maybe?

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Tue May 11, 2021 3:36 pm

Look at this.... ... 60#p289348

......and tell me that's not trolling of the finest order. To leave on that note. It's beautiful.

For someone who was perhaps very aware they were reaching the end of their WP:ROPE, or perhaps for whom the absence of an ability to fight with a serious enemy had somewhat left Wikipedia looking empty and pointless, isn't that a great way to just up and leave?

The Wikipediocracy numbnuts haven't considered this as a possibility, of course.

I have only said maybe, because it really was a rather abrupt end, and a day or so of silence is perhaps a little early to say they have left for good. Not remotely the sad slow demise of a prick like Eric Corbett, who was of course being a whiny little bitch to the very end.

But perhaps that only goes to show what an amazing piece of art it was? The supreme irony of that revert. What a pointed barb, interpreted by Wikipediocracy as not art, but dirt. What would they know of art. A one dimensional crowd, if ever there was one.

Cold Turkey. Cut the cord.

Rubbing their noses in it. Once his eyes had opened, his arms wide, it turns out he could do what the rest can't, and with an artistic flourish.

Which is an apt observation, noticing as I have recently that people like Bbb23 and Majorlnpants, who were previously thought to have departed the project in epic but principled huffs, have of course, come slinking back.

Addicts. Losers. Dross.

Be well, Francois.

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