Beeblebrox admits he's just a pointless pest on Commons

Evil admin for many years, tossed out in 2020, now infesting Wikipediocracy
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Beeblebrox admits he's just a pointless pest on Commons

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Mon Sep 13, 2021 12:53 pm

What a wanker. ... 56#p295091

Here he is yet again unburdeinng his sob story to the asshats of Wikipediocracy. Who of course are doing everything they can to soothe him.
I do what I can on a case-by-case basis at Commons, but I have little to no hope of accomplishing any systemic changes there anytime soon so I don't really try.
What a hero, eh?

Seems like a waste of time to me. Unless your goal is to just harass hard working Commons editors, on some never ending but quite ridiculous attempt to convince anyone not already devoted to English Wikipedia that somehow English Wikipedia is the superior project. He is the living proof it isn't. An Arbitration Committee Member who is unashamedly, a toxic asshole.

Systemic change is easy to achieve on Commons, unburdened as they are by the bullshit bureaucracy of Wikipedia. You just have to persuade them what you are proposing is of benefit to Commons. Wankers like Beeblebrox who come to them with a view that if an image isn't of use to Wikipedia, it can probably be deleted on Commons, are QUITE RIGHTLY ignored as the dirty little trolls they are.

Commons isn't Wikipedia. They do what you're supposd to do with trolls, ignore them. They've got work to do, they dont have the time to waste arguing over the sort of pointless bullshit that will go nowhere that Wikipedia editors always seem to have.

No comment yet from Beeblebrox or his Wikipediocracy therapists as to why even in that most recent example of him trying to participate there, included falsely claiming an editor had uploaded a bunch of copyright violations, and then not even having the human decency to apologise when he realized his mistake. A mistake a fucking NOVICE Commons editor wouldn't have made.

I will REPEAT, I am only even talking about him because Beeblebrox isn't just an ordinary Wikipedia editor, where people like Davey show just how straight up retarded and tempestuous you can be, and still never get blocked indefinitely. I'm lighting up Beeblebrox because he's on the Arbitration Committee.

Over 400 Wikipedia editors think he's hot shit, a role model. And I don't buy the oft floated idea that a large number of people are voting for him solely because that will somehow destroy Wikipedia from within.

Maybe Commons needs a systemic change in the field of making sure assholes like Beeblebrox can't just get away with being assholes? Probably already impossible, such is the creeping influence of the vermin on Wikipedia. No surprise to see Davey piping up recently to say he sees nothing wrong with Beeblebrox making a personal attack on Fae. He quite rightly says he has done worse, and where did he learn that being such a piece of filth is tolerable? From none other than Wikipedia, under the glorious example of feces like Beeblebrox.

They are of course prevented in that exercise of local standards when Stewards arrive out of nowhere to globally block Commons editors who are posing a problem for Beeblebrox.

Time for a revolution, no? Spanish Wikipedia did it, so why not Commons?

I mean, I genuinely don't understand people who don't look at Beeblebrox and think there's a guy who needs to have a bad accident with a snow blower. Not right in the head, imho.

Come on Jake, explain it for us. Help us figure out why you're so reluctant to speak truth to this power?

We're listening.

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