What would Mjolnirpants have to actually do to get blocked, rather than a golden watch?

Editors, Admins and Bureaucrats blecch!
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What would Mjolnirpants have to actually do to get blocked, rather than a golden watch?

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Mon Sep 13, 2021 2:25 pm

In the real world, the honour of a "retirement" is a good thing. Even if you are seen to be withdrawing on a point of principle, leaving a parting screed, where you would hope and wish by your former colleagues agree with what you said and will one day hail you as the Prohpet you really were, come the Reformation.

On Wikipedia, it usually hides a littany of shameful behaviour by someone they value.

Mjolnirpants is a dick. Nothing complicated about it, he is one of those people who, on Wikipedia, frustrated by their (already laughably limited and typically unenforced) behavioural code, wants the privilege of being able to dish it out, or to be treated like a hero for adhering the minimal standard, while also wanting the freedom to say what he wants when his frustration at this cruel world reaches breaking point.

He never should have been a Wikipedia editor. Someone that unable to control their own shit, probably has serious problems coping in real life. But of course, a sad reality of Wikipedia (which this incident ironically touched upon), so many Wikipedians are there not for good reasons, but selfish self help reasons. Keeping their demons at bay, perhaps.

Unbalanced. I always recall Lourdes. Absolutely fucking mental. But to the mostly abnormal Wikipediots, they couldn't see it, and indeed saw her as so normal they promoted her to Administrator. Perhaps Mjolnirpants needs to start there, in his wonderings as to why Wikipedia works the way it works, or rather, doesn't.

Wikipedia editors are so often simply like little children, truth be told. Perhaps inevitably, given the lack of responsibility and the ineffectual means of correction. The minimal standard is the minimal standard. So no, if by some miracle they meet it, they shouldn't get a cookie, and they shouldn't get credit in the bank, they are meant to be satisfied with the knowledge they're a good citizen.

The knowledge that they're not a problem actor. The toddler of Wikipedia. The Eric Corbett. Little bastard that he was. He too is thought of as honorably retired by many, with many in the community kind of hoping nobody remembers how he basically tried to burn his play room down to get what he wanted, and even then has been excluded on a mere technicality.

The other sad reality of Wikipedia is that it even has Administrators willing to baby the toddlers, wanting to lower themselves to their level, and to reward and reinforce obvious acting out.

As he has done before, so it rather loses its effect, Mjolnirpants has indeed reached breaking point recently, had a right proper tantrum, and has allegedly scrambled his password and left a permanent leaving message, under a retirement banner.

It took the Wikishits a while to realise that in among the as to be expected shit flinging and high pitched screaming, was actually something pretty serious.

He threatens to OUT a Wikipedia Administrator, and rather hilariously, for the sole crime of reaching out in the interest of furthering mutual understanding......
....One admin decided to email me multiple times about all the problems of their personal life, with the apparent intention of convincing me not to hold such critical views about the failure of the admins and editors here......And to the one who's been defending the complete lack of support from the admins here: This shit absolutely applies to you, and don't think for one second that I feel obligated to keep all the personal shit you said to me to myself. I meant what I said in my message to you at my talk page yesterday. You're one of the worst of the whole lot, and the only reason I haven't outed you here is because I said I wouldn't, yesterday. But go on and beg my email address off someone else, and see how quick I make a new account just to post your little secrets where everyone can see them.
If that was too mysterious, the prior message on his talk page left it pretty unambiguous....
Stop fucking emailing me

I don't give a rat's ass how tough you think it is being an admin. I'm not wasting my time trying to help you do your volunteer job when it's crystal clear that you won't so much as pay lip service to the idea of being grateful for the help.

Seriously: I. Don't. Care. I don't give a shit about your personal life, either, and I'm not giving you any more info on mine. Everybody gets lonely. If working on WP isn't enough to assuage that, tough shit. I'm not about to fill any fucking voids for ya.

It's your own behavior, you and a whole bunch more just like you that make it this hard on you. If you wanted it to be easier, you'd stop half-assing it every chance you get. It's not my fucking problem. It's your problem, and if you want it to get easier, then get off your ass and do your job the way you damn well agreed to when you had your RfA.

I'm not emailing you back, because I don't want you to have my email address, and if you get it from someone else, I'll just block you. In fact, if you manage to send me another email, I'm going to reply on your talk page, not mine, and I'm going to quote your entire string of emails. And if anyone else expresses some interest in knowing for sure whether you really wrote that shit, I'll happily forward the emails to them. ᛗᛁᛟᛚᚾᛁᚱPants Tell me all about it. 21:46, 7 September 2021 (UTC)
And yet at time of writing, Mjolnirpants is officially still an editor in good standing. Two exits which at best can be described as dramatic, at worst, arsonistic, are not enough for someone to ask the question, is this guy made of the right stuff to be a Wikipedia editor? Not even an overt threat to out is enough.

He can walk back into Wikipedia any time he likes. He can even CLEANSTART as far as I recall, assuming he isn't under any active sanctions (but I imagine that the long standing practice of looking the other way when the editor has Admin friends, still exists).

It makes me laugh, because it seems to me that this is the sort of thing that enemies of Wikipedia get Globally Banned for these days. Not racism, not pedophilia, not serious threats of harm, only mild threats of online harm. Harm by Google. But threats to bring real world consequences nonetheless, even if only emotional distress, as a consequence of a dispute that should quite rightly never leave the confines of Wikipedia.

I can hardly criticise, but Mjolnirpants has, or at least had, the privilege that some of us digital terrorist do not. If you don't have (or don't want to expose) a Wikipedia account in good standing, it's very hard to have real talk with a Wikipedia editor. But Mjolnirpants can't be Globally Banned. That would be ridiculous, right? If they can't ban Fram without the community engaging in open revolution, they sure as shit can't ban Mjolnirpants.

So what have they done? Well, quite a lot. There had been a lengthy debate, which has bizarrely concluded that his threats can stand, and that somehow it's the people who were bringing attention to them, who are doing harm. Which is to be expected. Wikipedia has always blamed the victim and shot the messenger.

And we now perhaps do know that this was not an empty threat either. Because Mjolnirpants has indeed seen something in that debate that triggered him and led him to create a new account.

The rather appropriately named OhForFuqsSake.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:C ... orFuqsSake

We can't know what he posted, because it has been hidden.

It seems reasonable to assume though, that he may well have carried out his threat, and a friendly Administrator has done him a favour and made sure that nobody but the privileged class can see what it was.

And if there even are any Administrators who don't much like Mjolnirpants, even if they see information in that now deleted post that shows Mjolnirpants has indeed OUTed one of their own, well, they probably already know that there's no upside to reporting it.

Threats work on Wikipedia. ESPECIALLY when the person doing the threatening is a much loved if mentally unstable member of the community. Someone who should have never ever been led to believe that their nasty little shit of a toddler side was going to be indulged if they simply managed, in their more mature moments, to be useful.

The leadership influences of Beeblebrox just keep popping up all over the place, don't they?

Many will say Mjolnirpants is a victim too. Sure. But only in the mass shooter sense. Plenty of people out there don't get the mental help they need and are wrongly exploited by cults. Surprisingly few end up doing real world harm.

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