Beeblebrox asks the new CEO to break Wikipedia rules

Evil admin for many years, tossed out in 2020, now infesting Wikipediocracy
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Beeblebrox asks the new CEO to break Wikipedia rules

Post by Jake Is A Sellout » Wed Sep 29, 2021 9:52 pm

This was hilarious. ... 59#p295310

No surprise that either Beeblebrox said it, or that his Wikipediocracy dick suckers didn't correct him on basic historical facts about the thing they allegedly study.

If this new CEO did what Beeblebrox seems to think they should, and for example register as Jane1234 and just start mucking around, they can and probably would be blocked by one of his underlings, an ordinary Administrator, if not before they have made their big reveal and said TA DA, it was me all along!, then certainly after it.

It did indeed used to be the case that anyone who might benefit from it, such as a new CEO of the WMF, was allowed to create an alternative account purely for the purposes of masquerading as a new user so they could get genuine experience. This used to be considered a legitimate use of a sock puppet, since connecting it to your real account would defeat the purpose.

This was stopped because it was too successful, and showed really quite well that new users really do get treated like shit. That on Wikipedia, social capital is everything. That if a new user does anything that threatens certain established community norms, such as the pervasive left wing bias, they are either bullied, gaslighted, or are just straight up ignored. That is if they can't find an excuse just to block them with a vague wave to an essay, which they usually can.

The reality today is that anyone who tried that, is risking a block if they do pretty much anything out of the ordinary (and any actually useful test would of course require you to do something a little unusual), and certainly once they have made their big reveal.

And of course what also needs to be considered is that this would be seen as doubly wrong for the new CEO because WMF people aren't even allowed to register ordinary accounts anymore. By order of the community, they must be Jewtagged with the suffix "(WMF)".

It's ironic that the best thing for Beeblebrox to say here is that he genuinely forgot that this was the current situation. Because I can't be the only person who looks at a person like him, given what we know about his character flaws and his alliance with Wikipediocracy in this sad civil war, and wonders if he didn't actually know exactly what he is saying is now disallowed, in the hopes the new woman head of the WMF might be misled and could be blocked, and he could crow about how bad they are.

Luckily for the potential women victims of the toxic wankers at the heart of the Wikipedia community, there is a forum out here that has their best interests at heart, and can spot when a Wikipedia editor, a high ranked and allegedly trustworthy one, is being either an incompetent or a deceitful bastard.

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