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Gamergate 2.0

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 7:25 am
by CrowsNest
Oh. My. God.

I was waiting for it. I knew it would happen. They were ignoring my attempts to warn them. And here it is......
Eagle wrote:You have heard of "Driving While Black". The T&S tool is the first step in new crimes of "Editing While Male" or "Editing While Competent" or "Editing While Being US-centric."
Wikipediocracy is now the home of the OPPRESSED. The poor white male techies, under relentless attack from the horrible girls and funny brown people with their horrible social justiceness and funny expectations of inclusiveness.

They have their chosen targets. One became two, two became three.

And yet still they ignore Jess Wade. I guess for these little boys, the prospect of pulling the pigtails of the UK Wikimedian of the Year is just too scary. Although as we have already seen, chief of the Lost Boys thinks Wade is a brilliant editor, so maybe that's why she's being left alone. He's wrong. I told him so, and he ran away crying.

This is the difference between serious critics who are genuinely independent of the cult, and whiny little boys who are merely upset that they are being overwhelmed by the pace of change in the nursery.

Re: Gamergate 2.0

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 10:03 am
by sashi
Bah, yes and no. At least I think. Everyone has been flashing their mirrors around in the anthill for weeks on end. A few elite ants have (been) melted down. I have to say I think Swarm recovered pretty well and agree with what Sandstein wrote. I've disagreed with Sandstein before (notably when he said that observing that someone had called on AE to get out the speculi one fine Sunday night just before a workweek began was a telling sign of a temper incompatible with post-1932 politics). But, in fact, if I understand "temper" as "temperament", I think there's truth in what he says. (I was a bit of an annoyed worker ant who had done some custodial work the anybody (prosecution) didn't particularly like quite a few days earlier). In the end Awilley wacked me for a week, mostly -- I think -- for saying "snoox", though he gave different reasons.

Now speaking of schools and timeclocks, why has Trypto been so proactive on WP:HARASSMENT where I told El C I intended to write? Clever ol' Trypto knows how to game assymetrical relations (1-way IBAN) on policy pages. His comments on the subject at Wikipedia:Framgate, T&S, Katherine Maher's page, etc., etc. are most flavourful too. Smells like spirit. :)


Giovanni Russonello wrote:Everything is doused with a frizzy, echoing effect, as if spraying a row of healthy, emerald crops with pesticide.

source: Down Beat review of Snarky Puppy, Immigrance


#FreeFram #FreeCrowsNest

Re: Gamergate 2.0

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 10:43 am
by Graaf Statler
O, sashi, the encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Sandra Rientjes, Philip Kopetzky, Jan Eissfeldt, David Saroyan, Chinmayi SK, Rosie Stephenson, Maor Maul, Mervat Salam, Douglas Ssebaggala, Tanveer Hasan, James Heilman are the hope for the future, the Working Groups/Community Health group. At least three people who are in no way suitable for this and Sandra Rientjes, you as the heavy overpaid director of the total shitshow the Dutch chapter what are you doing there? Your shitshow was statutory independent of wikipedia, you remember?

Anyway I am glad with this proof and smoking gun you are heavy involved in the T&S corruption Sandra, to be continued.

Re: Gamergate 2.0

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 10:54 am
by sashi
I would add #FreeGraaf but I see you already are free. Your post about Napoleon Raskolnikov was hilarious.

(no offense to any fevered soul flounderers... :twisted: )

Re: Gamergate 2.0

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 11:03 am
by CrowsNest
Poetlister wrote:Is there any evidence that having a higher proportion of female editors would lead to more articles about women? Or is that just a sexist assumption by the WiR?
If you don't know, why are you even asking? Other than to fire up the hordes?

The answer is yes, of course. Research has shown the gap affects not just the number of articles in general, but also the topics covered and even the language used in them and how they are interlinked.

Lam, Shyong K.; Uduwage, Anuradha; Dong, Zhenhua; Sen, Shilad; Musicant, David R.; Terveen, Loren; Riedl, John. “WP: clubhouse? an exploration of Wikipedia’s gender imbalance.” Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration. New York: ACM, 2011. 1-10.

Note the date. 2011.

Wagner, Claudia & Garcia, David & Jadidi, Mohsen & Strohmaier, Markus. (2015). It's a Man's Wikipedia? Assessing Gender Inequality in an Online Encyclopedia. International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media.

Notably, the Wikipedia Gender Gap Task Force set up to address all these issues, wasn't created until May 2013, and of course by the end of 2014 it had been destroyed after the relentless attacks of the troglodytes who were absolutely insistent that either the editor gender gap was just a myth being spread by SJWs, presumably because there are millions of editors unwilling to identify as female even in anonymised surveys, or that it exists but it has no impact on the quality of Wikipedia, because of course, men are not sexist, especially those screaming in women's faces about how they have lots of women friends, even on Wikipedia. It was obvious horseshit, but the male dominated ArbCom of course decided to ignore the trollery, banning trogs and the feminists they had provoked in equal measure.

Oh sure, they put the whole topic of gender disparity among Wikipedians and Wikipedia articles under Discretionary Sanctions, but this was pointless then and it has continued to be useless now, as trog after trog has said the most inflammatory things in the wake of FRAMBAN, and unsurprisingly the Wikipedia Administration sees no problem, because the number of actual bona fide feminists in their ranks is trivially small. As the research would predict would be the case in such an hostile environment where feminist issues are dismissed as mythological and Administrators are elected by the community.

You can draw a direct line between the flame wars that surrounded the GGTF, and the ones that have surrounded FRAMBAN. The harassment of anyone who dares suggest Wikipedia, or rather the Wikipedians, has a sexism problem. Indeed, some of the exact same Wikipedians are involved this time around. Others with different names but playing the same tunes are undoubtedly merely returning sock-puppets of some of the men banned in 2014.

About the best that research has to say about Wikipedia is that by the time of that 2015 study, the ratio of male to female biographies broadly reflected the inherent bias of Wikipedia's notability standard, since obviously for every historically notable women, there are a ton of men. Predictably, efforts to change that standard in a systemic way have been resisted by the trogs, hence the switch in strategy of WiR to achieve it through fait accompli. You can't blame them.

Anyway, given their historical position, and their enthusiasm for the chase in FRAMBAN, it is hardly surprising to see Wikipediocracy is still skeptical about the entire sexist or indeed misogynistic foundation of this ongoing culture war on the wiki, still happy to see it as a SJW plot, with people like Fram seen as the real victims. Never has been a place where feminists felt safe and included. Troglodyte women like The Adversary (and perhaps Eagle?) are of course perfectly at home.

Isn't that right Jake? Go on now, say some shit about how I'm a sexist...... I'm listening. :?:

Re: Gamergate 2.0

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 12:02 pm
by CrowsNest
Eagle wrote:The big question for KM and for the rest of WMF is that when they have to chose, will they support competence and fairness vs. disadvantaged groups and insiders?
This is so Gamergate.

Obvious false choice is obvious. Obvious fake narrative is fake.

Their very own ethics in journalism. :roll:

You can tell this is Gamergate 2.0, because all that is happening is Eagle just posts what they see as the truth, just blind assertions like this, on a friendly forum, and is being insulated from challenge by the staff of the forum, who view such challenges as hostility.

You would think this obvious promulgation of an easily debunkable house narrative for transparently obvious motives, would bore the shit out of people who go to a forum looking for genuine debate for the purpose of uncovering the truth for the world. But apparently not.

The only way they can ensure this flimsy narrative borne of obvious prejudice persists, is by banning those who could destroy it quite easily with just a few pertinent questions and general fact based observations. And of course, Eagle would come here to defend it when Hell freezes over.

The irony of them being nominally critics of the Wikipedia cult, is palpabe. As ever, they flatter Wikipedia by imitating their methods.

Re: Gamergate 2.0

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 1:07 pm
by CrowsNest
Eagle wrote:As an intellectually curious white male, I am more interested in investing in Quality Assurance than in further inclusiveness. For $10 million we could create fellowships to have academic experts sit down and review and correct all of our STEM articles. Maybe have visiting historians review history articles. We could call the project "Wiki Loves Expertise". Isn't that a more practical investment than filling the "knowledge gaps"?
Is "intellectually curious white male" meant to be a synonym for dumbass?

To state the bleeding obvious, if this garbage in any way implies setting up a contractual arrangement between the Foundation and content creators that goes beyond the current Terms of Use, that sees money change hands for work that could only be characterized as the proactive creation and curation of "content", then you can say goodbye to your Section 230 immunity. The consequences of which will cost you far more than $10 million.

And you can also probably forget calling yourself Wikipedia, because it's pretty obvious that unpaid or non-contracted volunteers in this schema would be expected to defer to the wishes of these primary writers and reviewers, which I'm afraid has already been tried as a means of improving/replacing Wikipedia, and failed, because as it turned out, unsurprisingly, experts and volunteers alike have better way to spend their time, except of course the ones with questionable motives.

But hey, it is of course no surprise that the intellectually curious white male prioritizes creating an elitist structure based on fields riven with the existing real world gaps in representation, rather than promoting inclusion and diversity as a primary objective, rejecting as he must the thesis that diversity promotes quality by virtue of eliminating bias and filling in gaps in coverage.

Re: Gamergate 2.0

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 10:25 am
by CrowsNest
Bet you can't guess which white male posted this.....
Because netball is a women-only federation based on Victorian England's view of women's sport, it will not go anywhere in the foreseeable future......Netball does not include the running and jumping of basketball, because Victorian England did not want ladies to display athleticism. some kind of rebuttal to the idea Wikipedia should have decent coverage of the sport, and/or against the idea it could be an Olympic sport. It isn't exactly clear why he's ragging on it, other than the fact a girl tried to write about it in Wikipedia.

Dude is gonna get his a ass kicked if he ever comes to the UK. By a bunch of girls.

Whatever has kept netball out of the Olympics, it sure as shit isn't the lack of athleticism, professionalism, popularity or media coverage. Sexism is the most likely explanation, and we all know what problems Wikipedia has with that.

No wonder this guy doesn't want to say what his Wikipedia account is.

Re: Gamergate 2.0

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:20 am
by CrowsNest
Mendaliv wrote:The amount of fury over Elisa Rolle had honestly made me wonder if she or one of her allies was behind the T&S report.
Stereotyping women? Check.

Believing women are engaged in an orchestrated conspiracy? Check.

Believing the target of the conspiracy is a man, or indeed, all the men. Check.

Disregarding alternative explanations if they require you to accept women can be decent humans? Check.

Causing women to be afraid for their safety, for no damn reason at all? Check.

Re: Gamergate 2.0

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:20 am
by Graaf Statler
Yesterday when I booted Dysk's Discord because of the constant crashing of topics by Abd Lomax and the many, may gamers and goofy wikipedia mods who Dysk has given sysop rights too. And had a quick look at the modern games there. (it's a gamers thing.) And yes, I saw and understand the gender confusing created there now.

Beautiful sexy woman who where behaving themself as male warlords. A complete mixing of genders who where playing in a scenery like little boys who are playing knights in the woods. But, it is fantasy. But it has also changed the mindset of this guy's in a very sick way.
In a Disney comic Donald Duck can run trough a door leaving his print. But is that reality? No. Ducks can IRL only troll on WO, isn't it Guido and Fram? But not running through a door.

Man are woman's best friends and have liberated them by making machines. By helping to invent anticoseption so the can plan if and when they want children. Brave woman in the 60's and 70's have really liberated there sisters, not this bunch of in de roomboter gaar gestoofde wikiidiots and drags. And yes, there are shitty man, but shitty woman too.

Yes, woman must get all there changes to live the life they chose, also if that is looking after her kids and family. Or by being a minister. Yes, black slavery must described proper, just like the holocaust. We own that the victims. But this bullshiting, please do that in your gamer world where you are complete to addicted.

In de roomboter gaar gestoofde is a old fashion local expression for a spoiled person, most time a woman. It means cooked in the butter until cooked. Cooked in the butter until cooked woman. In old times real butter was luxury.