German law case against wikipedia.

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German law case against wikipedia.

Post by Graaf Statler » Sat Nov 03, 2018 10:05 am ... erlassung/

The German judge is clear,

Legal tribune on line wrote: Wikipedia muss sich als journalistisches Medium behandeln lassen, sagt das Landgericht Berlin. Die Plattform habe sicherzustellen, dass von ihren Autoren presserechtliche Sorgfaltsmaßstäbe eingehalten würden. Anderenfalls müsse man korrigieren.

Wikipedia is a journalistik medium.

LG: Autoren müssen journalistische Sorgfaltspflichten beachten.

Authors (wikipedia users) must observe the journalistic due of diligence.

In Holland it could mean someone can complain here, if they follow the German judge. what often happens.

Anyway, a new headache for the WMF lawyers with there "reality gap". And it makes perfect clear I was in 2012 right before Romaine, our man in Brussel, trolled me out with his wiki frends. A wikiproduct is under national law and a local wiki has to follow the local regulation. Legal technical a judge can't make any exception in our legal system. He has to follow the law and regulation, he is a servant, in Holland of the king. He has to obey.

And when i tried to explane that with Whaledad to Master in Law Robotje and Romaine in 2012 there only answer was trolling. Trolling till they dropped, also with the help of Vinvught and De Wikischim. THAT was the battle about wikiquote-Nl what ended on Meta and later in a SanFanBan. With Trijnstel, Natuur12, TonyBalloini, Mdd, Meta trollbot Moira-NL, Ymnes, etc. That was the fight.

And, WMF, Alexander, Maher, to troll me out with a SanFanBan at the end doesn't change anything. Fact.

Bunch of stupid fuckt checkers what you are.

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