Is Wikipedia biased? Esp. when it comes to K-pop?

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Is Wikipedia biased? Esp. when it comes to K-pop?

Post by RomanticNight » Wed May 15, 2019 12:12 pm

I cant fathom how are music shows are deemed “not notable”/not important by wikipedia community. Full post on the link provided below. Thanks. ... op.298730/

**Text Body**
I feel like Korean editors are largely unrepresented in wikipedia. Most of the important decisions are set forth by users who cannot speak Korean at all.
I believe most kpop fans would agree with this one where music show wins are definitely important. This claim is solidified by the very admin of kpop section himself where he’s actually staying in SK and speak Korean. Allow me to quote his words, “After observing how articles over Korean music groups are treated, particularly idols, it has becomes quite evident from these discussions how incredibly uneducated the participants are about how the Korean music market operates. Everything is deemed "non-notable" without much of a thought or any type of research”.
However, some users seem residing outside of Korea seem to know more than Korean resident. Out of the voters who voted music show wins as not notable, this particular user got my attention. Guess what? He’s a sone if you are http://wondering.https://en.wikipedia.o ... on=history () Replace ______ of the url with the name of the user, he’s currently added a redirect link of his profile to his talk page.
He dare have the audacity to claim that English Wikipedia is universal when only his opinion matters. At some point, he’s actually destructive and seem to denigrate kpop artists.
He’s a sneaky and a bit unscrupulous. When others rebuked his arguments, he tend to resort to name-calling and accuse others who holds different views than him are trouble makers who disrupt peace among wiki community. This particular user actually had the audacity to claim English domain of wikipedia as a representation of the whole world when when he's being snarky by not letting other users opine freely.
Look at the trend, he’s everywhere with his snarky and bigoted counterargument in an attempt to nullify others’ views.Good grief on this one. It’s not like his opinion or others opinion are going to be cancelled even though he keeps denying statements by others. Now, is English domain is really international when he doesn’t stick to his own words? Tolerance and embrace difference? What happened to them? More importantly, how can he be certain that music show wins are not important when he himself refuses to be educated and is neither Korean nor lived in Korea? I’m aware that he’s entitled to opine, but how is he going to be impartial and what actually makes him credible to speak on behalf of kpop at the rate he’s going? Does he even know respect and “agree to disagree”? Good grief.
This user is notorious for reverting edits everywhere and obsessed with deletion of info and article. He just went on a deleting spree on kpop artists music show wins. From his obssession, it’s safe to conclude that his motive is to downplay kpop artists. Other than that, he also got slanderous through ridiculing editors effort to add legit content by falsely accusing them of adding fancruft material. I had no idea he could stoop this low. Guess what? I experimented the following action to see if I can get his attention: find another B tier Philippine actress’s English article and add some external links. Surprisingly it hasnt been taken down till now. (ext links refer to fb, insta and twitter etc). This selective ignorance goes to show how biased wiki’s kpop section can be. Look at how low he can go. Unluckily, he;s not the only one user of this kind on wikipedia. Korean editors in the English domain are greatly outnumbered by the likes of him.
Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Korea/Popular culture - Wikipedia ( ... ar_culture) Music shows are deemed not relevant, scroll to bottommost.
Update! You think this user is toxic enough? Wait till you bump into Dxxxxs. 10-fold the toxicity of the user mentioned earlier and u get a corrupt crook Dxxxxs. Yes, intel-demand-bribe gate main character, im talking about you.
**Internal battle among kpop fans, antifans and haters.**
As if editors in general are not enough, we have anti fans and haters. Once again, I refuse to name groups, drop me pm, if u want to know more. Kpop editors are also dominated by certain fandom who aims to destroy potential threat of their faves on wikipedia. They are driven by their own ill-fated agenda and hatred.
From the creation of individual of articles, and each subtopic/subchapter/subsection of an article can become a hot issue and nitpicked. Some sourgrapes are gonna OCD and nitpick every detail and challenge them for deletion. Sourgraped are gonna OCD and rinse and repeat info shredding process by nominating each subtopic until no scrap left literally. What subtopics are deemed irrelevant usually? How do they shove words into peoples mouth? My foot NPOV! Wiki is what they want you to know according to themselves, NOT according to the truth and facts! Give u an idea. “Notability” and “relevancy” by editors own definition weapon again, each member individual page has to pass thru criteria stated in notability or it gets deleted. This is especially obvious in tv show appearances, how is artist A appearance of the show ABC “not notable” compared to artist B’s appearance on the same show but different episode? Good riddance. Feel free to pm me, i can talk about this all day long!
**Want to be a Hero?**
r/WikiInAction - Wikipedia admin Drmies caught red handed demanding bribes from Intel CEO Brian Krzanich for Wikipedia edits, complainant blocked by him. ( ... ed_handed/)
Wikipedia Sucks! - View topic - Drmies ( ... f=19&t=454)
So you want to be a hero? Fight or flight argument again? Stay and fight off the toxic crooks, huh, else im just all talk no action coward? Well, talking’s easy. Do u have time sacrifice things irl to dedicate your limited precious lifetime on Wikipedia to defeat the evil? Want to do the right thing? Want to purge dictators, radical supremacist extremist crooks, tyrants and oppressants who blatantly ignore and desecrate WP:NPOV neutral point of view? Want to call them out for their sinful deeds, beat them at their own game and hold them accountable and make’em pay for it? Dream on. Toxic editors the likes of Dxxxxs knows wiki in and out thoroughly, they know how to “game”, circumvent and abuse their powers. They are like architects of Matrix movie. Their vulnerability is akin to invicible immortal. They will make sure that they are untouchable. Oh yeah, remember I said not all users are treated equal and that there are hierarchy social class system among wiki users? A 190day account with 500edits to actually make a dent if possible at all on wiki politics, u up for it? Admins are equipped with all powerful bots/administrative which makes new users small fry and fodder compared to them. Try confront them without being mobbed by their cult followers, and u are considered lucky. The toxic editors and admins mostly will constantly execute PR and image work on both wiki and major cyberspaces and deny any and all allegations that cause a bad name to wiki to sweep things under the rug with their taichi-master victim play blame game and pandering. Can’t beat them, join them? Please don’t do something that disgusting and goes against your own codes and principles, just don’t. However, as aforementioned, bootlicking gets you far in wiki, that’s a guarantee. Why all these havoc and mess were created u ask? Because some mods and influential editors grew lusted and obsessed with power. Therefore the power abuse and hostile environment, absolute power corrupt absolutely.
Oof, forgot to mention this. When things go wrong, all-powerful mantra, "we are volunteers doing things for free in out part-time, sorry for inconveniences caused, pleas bear with us…" to shrug off all responsibilities and expect people to bear with them.
**Bottom Line**
Now, does that answer your question as to why there’s so little content on kpop artists on English page but not in other language. Also, why some groups have this but other groups do not and whatnot, hope things get clarified somehow…
Wikipedia is complex to the point where it’s a virtual country on its own with severe politicking. If you are there to make major edits and conributions, you have to work your way up the ranks which can take up to years. [P start] Im sure you wont go wrong with this one, the more time u spend, u rapport and lobby the seniors and blend into them, u build up a rep, u become influential and respected figure at wiki with influence almost like admin if not on par. It’s a living proof of why anarchy fails. [P ends]
Now, I hope u think twice that with the stereotype of any Tom, Dick and Harry can write Wikipedia and successful in doing so. As for me, I wont spend as much time as I used to be in the past. Feels like no way I’ll be successful in convincing them. They are full-time online residents and they behave like they represent the whole humanity… I don’t feel like tussling with words with them with my limited range of vocabulary. It’s just gonna be another round of your words against my word situation.
Bottom line, I have lost faith in wikipedia’s kpop section, this I can confirm. Even though I don’t know about how things are on other parts of wikipedia, my experience at kpop section is going to cloud my judgement on wikipedia as a whole, it’s one of my worst online experience. I seriously am disappointed by “hugbox” and “echochamber” situation at some well-known site like Wikipedia, never knew it can be this toxic and cancerous. I know that the intention of stringent protocols are meant to be good, which serves to protect Wikipedia from vandalisms and sabotage. However, the way the policies are carried out is flawed, which create loophole for users to abuse their influence subconsciously or intentionally. Uniformity kills creativity. The sets of preventive measures to deter vandals have its downsides too, they can be discouraging for new editors, making the atmosphere of editing journey unpleasant.
**So now what?**
Now what? What do u intend to achieve with this lengthy post? Are u just going to rant and throw temper tantrum? Im painting all sorts of picture alone? Well, feel free to drop by there and experience yourself.
No, other than exposing the truth, I’m here for a bigger cause. To curb down toxic editors with minimal effort hit them in the Achilles heels, the clicks. I hereby urging you guys to avoid using wiki in best way possible, stop crediting wiki on your real life work, stop editing and advise others not to join as new editors. More importantly, STOP DONATING to Wikipedia! Don’t be brainwashed by their propaganda! They don’t need your hard-earned money from your blood, sweat and tears! Spend it on your makeup, spend it on your meal, etc anyway you like just not Wikipedia! They are self-sufficient and sustainable financially on their own! Wikipedia doesn't need your money - so why does it keep pestering you? ( ... _chugging/) If u have extra time, find ways for it to make sure Wikipedia drop out of top search results on major search engines like google! Explore search engines other than google! *I know some good contributors would be sacrificing lambs in the process… no sacrifice, no victory, for the greater good it is all.
What foreseeable impact can those actions have on Wikipedia? Well, if they gain no new editors, who’s going to keep adding new contents and update contents regularly without gaining editors constantly as old users retire? How are they going to have clicks? The most crucial and essence meaning of a website. How is a website going to survive without clicks? I know realistically it seems childish and futile, I don’t care what others think of me, im going to take the initiative. Remember the saying, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
Until the day toxic and cancerous cohorts the likes of drmies still dominate Wikipedia, I wont take wiki seriously when it comes to kpop.
Lastly, it sucks to be a k-pop fan who knows only my native language and English and not a tad bit on Korean. Wish I had learnt Japanese or Chinese at least if not Korean, so I can understand more about kpop where sources in those languages are more than English counterpart.
Thanks for your time.
Yours truly,
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